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Understand the Importance of Maintaining Properly Functioning Gutters

Gutter cleaning

While they may not initially seem like it, your gutters are among the most essential installations when it comes to keeping your home protected from the elements. To continue giving your New Orleans home the care it needs, be sure to give your gutters the care they need to continue functioning properly. Failure to stay on top of your gutter care could result in damage when your gutters become clogged with:

  • Leaves
  • Dirt
  • Grime
  • Bird nests
  • Insect colonies
  • And more

Even if gutter issues develop because of neglect or for any other reason, you can count on C & C or You and Me LLC to get your gutters working properly once more. We offer quality gutter repairs that are guaranteed to get your gutters working like new once more, protecting your home from the issues that water damage can lead to. Here are just a few examples of issues your gutters protect against:

Mold Growth

Where there's excessive moisture, there's bound to be mold at some point down the line. The exterior of your home is no exception to this, and it's bound to experience mold growth when your gutters fail to direct excessive rainfall away from your home. Before you find yourself suffering from health issues because of exposure to mold, get your gutters back in shape with a professional repair.

Landscaping Issues

Your home isn't the only thing that'll suffer because of faulty gutters. Your landscaping could also suffer as rainwater spills freely down the side of your home. Quality landscaping doesn't come cheap, and if you want to avoid the financial devastation of a flooded lawn, stay on top of your gutter repair needs.

Foundational Cracks

Should rainfall pool around the base of your home and remain there, your foundation is likely to suffer cracks and other issues. Such issues can create substantial structural issues with your home, resulting in the need for a variety of costly repairs. Don't leave yourself exposed to the need for such repairs; stay on top of your gutter repairs to prevent foundational issues.

Our Gutter Repairs Keep Your Gutters Working Right

Yes, your gutters do so much to keep your home looking great and standing strong. For that reason, they deserve the best quality of care you can get for them, and you can enjoy that quality of work by looking to C & C or You and Me LLC to handle it. You can also enjoy quality handyman work from us, as we proudly offer a line of general home repair and maintenance services.


If you're in need of professional gutter repair in New Orleans , then please call 504-909-7625 or complete our online service request form.